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I bought PhenAprin about a couple of months ago but started to use the product a month ago. I just have to say that I lost 10 pounds in a month without exercise and just watching what I eat.

Rachael R.


Note that the product works much better with-low carb and low-calorie intake. I lost 20 pounds in one month, with no exercise. I'm just saying that it's working for me very well so far.

Emma Y.


My PhenAprin arrived just a couple of days after I placed my order, I'm so impressed! Day 3 and I'm starting to notice a difference! Oh, and great pricing!!! 

Krystal D.


I'm a mother of 3 and have struggled to try to maintain my weight for the last 5 years. Phentarmine makes it so much easier to keep my appetite under control and not to mention my energy levels up!

Jacqueline W.